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Show your Solidarity; March at the Fair!


September 1 is Labor Day, and union members will march with their friends and family members in the Minnesota State Fair’s daily parade through the fairgrounds. The 2 p.m. event is an opportunity to recognize the working men and women who keep America strong.

The Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation sponsors the marching unit annually. Union members march alongside a patriotic float carrying union musicians.

Union members and retirees are invited to bring their families and join the Regional Labor Federation’s marching unit. Parade participants will receive a free ticket to the fair!

Let’s show our Guild solidarity! If you need a Guild t-shirt, let Janet Moore at janet.outlaw@gmail.com know.

RSVP your participation in the parade, or for more information on the event, call Vicki Beebe at 651-222-3787, extension 20.

A View From the Ditch with Larry Sillanpa

(Editor’s Note: This is the monthly column from Larry Sillanpa, a Guild member and editor of the Labor World newspaper in Duluth)

It’s been a quiet campaign to Tuesday, August 12’s Primary Election.

That doesn’t absolve us of getting out and flexing our voting muscles for the big show, but it’s been great not having all those terrible ads blasting us to disinterest.

Your big choice on August 12 is which party you’ll choose and, thereby, which candidates you can select from. Once you pick your party you have to stay on their line of candidates. I guess I’ll go DFL because I work for my money, it doesn’t really work for me.

Pioneer Press members out in force for contract talks


St. Paul Guild members filled the Pioneer Press conference room July 29 to support the bargaining committee

St. Paul Guild members filled the Pioneer Press conference room July 29 to support the bargaining committee

At the beginning of the Pioneer Press Guild Unit’s 11th and 12th bargaining sessions this week, management was greeted by dozens of Guild members who relayed one simple message:  “Enough is Enough.”

At the outset of bargaining on July 29, a letter was hand-delivered to management representatives that protested the company’s bargaining position under the headline, “Enough is Enough.” The letter (below), signed by Pioneer Press Guild Unit leadership and your Pioneer Press Bargaining Committee, included a petition with the signatures of a majority of the Guild membership. Copies were mailed to the top executives at Digital First Media and Alden Global Capital, the New York hedge fund that is majority owner of DFM.

Guild, AM950 host film about media censorship and control

The Minnesota Newspaper & Communications Guild and progressive radio AM 950 KTNF are hosting a screening of “Shadows of Liberty,” a documentary about media control, consolidation, and censorship, Monday, July 21, at The Wellstone Center in St. Paul.

The 93-minute film features interviews and disturbing accounts of media control from journalists and progressive activists that include Dan Rather, Julian Assange, Amy Goodman, Daniel Ellsberg and Roberta Baskin. Representatives from the Guild and AM 950 will be available after the screening to answer questions and discuss the issues raised in the film.

The screening and discussion are from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 21. Admission is $10 and advance tickets are available at http://tinyurl.com/katfedd.

The Wellstone Center is located at 179 Robie St. E. on St. Paul’s West Side.

A View From the Ditch by Larry Sillanpa

(NOTE: Twice a month, we’ll run Guild member Larry Sillanpa’s column A View From the Ditch on our website. Larry has been writing the column for the Duluth-based newspaper, Labor World, for 25 years. Enjoy!)

A recent article ranks Uruguay as one of the best countries in the world on workers’ rights. You wouldn’t think of a Latin American country as being good that way.

Living in the U.S. we can be surprised any country is good because we’re told we’ve got it so good here.

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