WE ARE the Minnesota Newspaper & Communications Guild. We negotiate the contracts that govern the wages, hours, and working conditions of over 500 employees at 28 units focusing on units in Minnesota including the Twin Cities and Duluth, but also some national organizations.

Each unit of the union bargains its own contract. We also represent any employee in any grievance that either violates the contract or brings about any undue hardship on the employee.

Our contracts are the result of their work and the work of hundreds of others in the years that followed. They are some of the best contracts in the industry.

Today, you can continue to make your newspaper or shop a better place to work through your involvement in the union. We have a voice in the decisions that affect our work lives and the right to negotiate solutions to problems we encounter. Our committees deal with nearly every aspect of our work, from safety to human rights.

Like any democracy, the union derives its strength from active involvement. The rights we possess as union members also carry responsibilities. We want to keep this union strong.

We can remain strong only as long as members take the time to get involved. This is your union. Its decisions are made by you and your co-workers.

We encourage you to participate. All around you, your co-workers are involved in a variety of roles — as stewards, committee members, unit officers, local officers. Ask how you can help.

It’s easy to get involved. We look forward to working with you.